Prestigious Awards

Study Awards
Year Recipient School Study Topic
1997 Owen Arnst Wakari School wide self-esteem building.
1998 Dave McWhinnie Anderson's Bay Promoting Your School in a Positive Way.
2000 Nigel Wilson Kaikorai Integration of computer education through the curriculum.
2001 Sally Direen
Paddy Ford
Tony Hunter
Bruce Robertson
Halfway Bush
Arthur Street
Homework centres and shadowing as a professional development technique.
2002 Patsy Inder

Noel Matthews

Calton Hill
Welfare and learning programmes which promote high
achievement for Maori and boys.
Homework Centres.
2003 Steve Brown
Danny Knudson
George Street Normal
Achievement of Boys.
Gifted Children.
2004 No Award.
Prestigious Awards
2005 Paddy Ford Halfway Bush Self-management and autonomy in schools.
2006 Bruce Roberston Arthur Street I.C.T. application and use in schools in New Zealand and beyond.
2007 Garry Anderson The Terrace Physical Education.
2008 Whetu Cormick Macandrew Intermediate The Arts.
2009 Gary Tenbeth College Street To explore the concept of “thinking” and to make a linkage to our curriculum’s key competencies.
2010 Wendy Brookes Cromwell Restorative Justice.
2011 Tony Hunter Tahuna Normal Intermediate Behaviour Modification.
2012 Chris Smith Millers Flat Studying the Scottish Ministry of Education's Glow Programme.
2013 Richard Newton St Clair School Investigate the impact of flexible teacher student staffing models.
2014 Jenny Clark Opoho School

Jenny will be attending the ICP in Finland and visiting schools to further understand equitable education systems.  A particular focus will be on strategies implemented in schools to establish equitable learning opportunities and the processes for facilitating collaboration between teachers, school leaders and schools

2015 Brent Caldwell Mornington School Brent will examine current best practices used to support the learningof priority learners (dyslexic children) within the modern learning context at Fairly House School in London, an independent day school for hcildren with Special Learning Disabilities.  Fairly House School doubles as a research centre to advance teaching and learning programmes for dyslexic children.
2016 Tania McNamara Milton School Tania will address the lack of oral language skills in chidlren starting school, reflecting on current practices and inquiring into research surrounding new and innovative ways to enable our children to be come successful learners of literacy, by developing oral language skill sin the first three years of school.  Her research will include vsiting prominent London schools working with Talk4Writing and attendance at the Talk4Writing conference in London.
2017 Heidi Hayward Dunedin North Intermediate School

Alternative Education for Troubled and Traumatised Children

2018 Stephanie Madden Abbotsford School

Stephanie is investigating how schools can support students to develop resilience, independence, persistence and intellectual risk taking through applying the 'Challenging Learning' philosophy.

2019 Gareth Swete Sawyers Bay School  
2020 Jen Rodgers St Clair School To understand how to enable more play in a Y5-6 child's day while ensuring they have a rich curriculum to prepare for future learning. Also enabling learners to be fully agentic in their learning through play. Developing children's metacognitive understanding of their play would
be an outcome of my research.
2021 No Scholarships awarded due to COVID
2022  Greg Hurley  Silverstream School